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Commercial water heaters are essential for any type of commercial business in Kingsport. They provide the steady supply of hot water that you need, and they last long so your costs won’t add up fast!

The way that most local businesses here in Kingsport operate today, commercial water heaters are indispensable. Having the right hot water solution can save you big on energy costs, as well as provide a more pleasant experience for your employees and customers (especially during those cold East Tennessee winter months).

An experienced plumbing professional will be able to guide you through your specific hot water needs and create a tailored plan based on your consultation. They will be able to help you determine what kind of water heater (or combination of water heaters), recirculation pumps, and plumbing fixtures, are best for your business, based on your needs, schedule and budget.

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Your business is unique – so is its hot water demands. Different types of business operations require different amounts of hot water for tasks such as dishwashing, cooking, employee (or gym goer) showers, laundry, tenants/occupants, etc.

Surprisingly, we have encountered many business owners who were stuck with inadequate hot water or no hot water at all because their facility does not have the proper commercial water heaters installed for their unique needs. We believe in setting you up with the right hot water solution from the start. And if budget and space allows for it, we will install a water heating system that you can grow into as your business grows.

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  • Restaurants & Coffee Shops
  • Apartment Complexes
  • Financial Institutions
  • Strip Malls/Storefronts
  • Medical & Dental Clinics
  • Office Buildings
  • Gyms & Fitness Centers

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From Planning to Maintenance - Your Hot Water Needs Covered

Water Heater Business Layout Planning


Aside from identical apartment complex units, no single water heater installation is exactly the same.

Perhaps you own a restaurant or coffee shop, your needs will be entirely different from a large gym or large condominium development.

Aside from just the volume and frequency of hot water requirements, you have other unique factors that need to be accounted for, such as available space, budget, schedule, zoning & coding requirements, specific permits, and available power sources.

An experienced plumbing technician will be able to walk you through the entire process during a planning & consultation meeting.



Proper water heater installation is critical for local businesses here in Kingsport.

Hot water issues due to a subpar installation can lead to a poor experience for your customers, employees, and higher energy costs as well.

In addition, proper installation can be the difference between a water heating system lasting only 10 years instead of 15-20 years. This can help the environment and your wallet in the long term.

Even before a full water heater replacement is necessary, proper installation ensures peak efficiency to avoid any potential problems like leaks or corroded parts. These issues can lead to major downtime and expensive repairs.

Restaurant Water Heater Maintenance team in Kingsport


Due to their size & complexity, commercial water heater replacements are costly, making regular maintenance a worthwhile investment that spares you from the costs of replacement.

Think of routine water heater maintenance like changing the oil on your car. While skipping one oil change may not blow your engine, skipping multiple oil changes over several years can severely damage your engine!

Routine water heater drain, flushes, and simple part replacements are critical to your water heater lasting as long as it should. It could be the difference between a water heater lasting 5 years versus 15-20 years.

We help save you the headache by setting you up with an ongoing routine maintenance plan.

Commercial Water Heater Part Replacements

Part Replacements

When commercial clients call us for water heater repairs, they benefit from quality parts, guaranteed workmanship, and trustworthy services.

As a certified plumber, you can get access to plumbing parts and fixtures that are not always made available to the average consumer.

Consumer-grade plumbing parts are of lower quality compared to their commercial counterparts. You are much better off with high-quality metal parts & rubbers versus cheap plastic parts that easily crack prematurely.

We take pride in quality service.  There’s no water heater service company in Kingsport better prepared to handle your repairs and parts replacement

Frequently Asked Questions

Common Water Heater Service Questions We Hear

Is it okay to use our facilities staff to do regular water heater maintenance jobs?

The use of a qualified professional is always the best option for plumbing needs. However, it’s possible for company maintenance teams to become knowledgeable in basic tasks such as installing or replacing water heaters if they have already been working on storage tanks before and hold general training about them too! If major repairs need doing then only licensed professionals should come into play because those jobs require specific skillsets not offered by employees without these certifications

How Much Will Water Heater Installation Cost My Business?

Commercial water heater installation varies. For example, an apartment complex may need several hundred 40gal residential units while a small coffee shop could only require one large tankless unit for limited space in the kitchen – due to its size constraints (size limits). This makes pricing more competitive without sacrificing quality because we do our best on keeping prices reasonable depending upon complexity or solution needed with replacement installation projects; however there are other factors that come into play like materials used such as copper vs aluminum. Copper is much cheaper when it comes down installing plumbing systems but has lower heat output capacity whereas aluminium takes less material thus resulting higher efficiency




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