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If you’re having water heater problems, it might not be as simple of a repair job. Replacing an old tank with one that is newer and more efficient can help fix all sorts or issues for years to come!

When the time comes to replace your old water heater with a new one, an electric water heater may be your best bet! They are more efficient than gas water heaters, and there is no need for an exhaust vent to be installed!

If you live near Kingsport (Tennessee) and are looking for an electric water heater installer, give us a call today to know your best options. We install all types of electric water heaters and can possibly fix any issue you might be having with your current unit to save you the replacement cost!

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What are the Benefits of Electric Water Heaters?

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Electric water heaters are the best option for those who don’t want to invest in a ventilation system and additional piping. Gas models require expensive installation as it needs an upgrade of your home’s electrical equipment before you can install one, but these upgrades aren’t common so this shouldn’t be too much trouble! Simply put, electric water heaters are a great budget-friendly option if you are in a pinch and just need a quick solution.

Water heater explosion risk


The use of natural gas can often lead to leaks and fire hazards. This means serious safety disadvantages associated with pressurized gas water heaters. These units are mostly sealed units which could result in pressure buildup during leaky fittings or seals that need replacing. Gas units come need a limit control device to prevent excessive pressure inside the unit – a part that may need repairing in the future

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Electric water heaters are actually safer and easier to install than the gas water heaters. When you have an electric heater installed in your home, you will never have to worry about running out of gas or worrying about the safety of your family when making a water delivery. Because most homes have existing electricity, the entire installation process is easier due to no need for additional gas ventilation systems and plumbing fixtures.

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What to Consider Before Installing a New Electric Water Heater

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We have our fair share of storms here in Tennessee. If your power went out for any reason, gas water heaters will still be able to provide heated water. Electric water heaters require electricity to operate. If you are in a mobile home or for whatever reason may not always have steady electricity, a gas or solar-powered unit may be a better option.

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Electric-powered units are a more efficient and cost effective choice than gas models. However, if you want to save money in the long run, then a gas-powered water heater may be the better option, despite their upfront installation costs. This is due to the fact that electricity/power normally being higher more expensive than the cost of gas to your home. 

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Electric water heaters have a lower wattage and cannot heat as quickly as gas. This is because electric water heaters get their source of energy from the electricity that flows through your home. In comparison, gas water heaters produce their own source of energy in the form of natural gas or propane, causing them to be more popular with larger homes & businesses

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How Do Electric Water Heaters Work?

Electric water heaters work by exchanging the energy in the form of electricity and heating the water through a process called convection. This is accomplished when cold water enters the heater and comes into contact with a metal coil inside the tank. That coil heats up, which creates hot water vapor inside. This vapor is then circulated to turn it back into liquid form so that you have warm water at your fingertips.

The high-level electrical panel inside the electric water heater works as a regulator. It’s responsible for ensuring there is enough electricity to power the system and help the water reach the desired temperature range, while guarding against overheating. The unit will shut off when it reaches its limit, so you don’t have to worry about ruining your water by letting it run too hot.

Inside most electric or gas water heaters are three heating elements, usually made of copper alloy surrounded by aluminum fins. These heating elements function much like a car radiator in that they have cold fluid circulating around them and heated fluid flowing through them. When an element burns out, you’ll need a replacement fast because a broken one can leak or cause other problems with your heater.    

If your water is not getting hot enough, make sure no fuses in the home have blown and check whether you have set your thermostat to a lower temperature than usual because lowering this setting will save you money and energy. It could also mean that the heating elements are burned out or that there is a problem with your electrical service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Common Water Heater Service Questions We Hear

What brand of electric water heater is the most reliable?

There are many brands of electric water heaters on the market, ranging from Rheem (which are well-known for their quality and efficiency) to G.E. to Whirlpool to Bradford White (highly recommended for their reliability and durability).

For those who desire a more “high-end” water heater, there is also the A.O. Smith Voltex line of heaters. These electric water heaters are very expensive and require special venting so they do not lose their efficiency.These types of models should be installed by licensed professionals only as the venting system requires extensive plumbing and electrical work that non-professionals may not know how to install properly.

Even though electric water heaters are typically more expensive on the front end, they are usually cheaper to use in the long run. They also save homeowners on installation costs as they do not require any additional venting or plumbing.

Are new electric water heaters more efficient?

The efficiency of new electric water heaters is comparable to that of gas heaters. However, new electric water heaters are safer than gas heaters. Electric water heaters produce no emissions, which is especially important for indoor air quality.

Condensing storage tank or tankless gas-fired water heaters are by far the most efficient on the market. They provide an endless supply of hot water whenever needed. Condensing storage tanks use either natural gas or propane as fuel and require a venting system to release exhaust gases through the roof of your home. A condensing storage tank has two parts: one compartment stores heated water until it’s needed, while another compartment heats cold incoming water to be stored in the first compartment using heat from the exhaust gases instead of using energy directly from combustion. This technology can cut your annual heating bill by up to two-thirds.




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