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Today, many people are making the switch to tankless water heaters from their traditional storage unit because of their AMAZING BENEFITS! Compact and generally wall- hung these instant on demand units can be a great choice for those that need a replacement or new installation in homes with limited space while also being energy efficient at high temperatures!

You can easily say that tankless water heaters are the future of household energy efficiency. Unlike the traditional storage tanks that you may be familiar with, tankless solutions can heat an unlimited supply of water instantaneously. You can enjoy a steady stream of heated water with a turn of a knob!

If you’re looking for a reliable company to provide your water heater with excellent service, then look no further than our licensed and certified plumbing technicians. We install and replace tankless heaters in both residential properties as well as commercial ones. Combine that with a thorough maintenance plan, and you can be assured that your tankless water heater will serve you for decades to come!

We have helped a wide range of people in Tri-Cities, TN make the switch from tank to tankless – from homeowners in Colonial Heights to small restaurants in Johnson City to apartment complexes in downtown Kingsport. Call today for a free tankless water heater estimate and consultation!

Unlimited Hot Water With Tankless Water Heaters

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Energy-efficient water heater in Kingsport, TN

Huge Energy Savings

Tankless water heaters are more energy efficient because they don’t use the same amount of power that tank-type water heaters need in order to operate. Tank-type water heaters have a storage tank that needs to be continuously heated when you use your tap for hot water. They are only triggered on as needed, turning on an electric element or burner in order to heat the tank.

According to Energy Star, it takes about 30% less energy for a household using an electric tankless system compared to one using a standard electric storage-type water heater. The tankless systems cost more in upfront costs but will save money on utilities because the hot water is always available once you need it.

They are also quicker when heating up so water can go from lukewarm to boiling within seconds. Many tankless water heaters have a built-in recirculation system that recirculates hot air to help keep the water at an even temperature, unlike storage tank water heaters.

Hot water on demand in Kingsport, TN

Unlimited Hot Water

On-demand tankless water heaters can provide you with unlimited hot water because they work instantly when you turn on the faucet. They can also be more efficient than traditional storage-tank water heaters since they only run when you need them instead of staying on all the time.

The newer models of on-demand tankless heaters use microprocessors to measure the demand for hot water, which helps them run at peak performance even when they’re having to produce more water. However, some older models of tankless heaters don’t have this technology, which means they won’t be able to produce as much hot water or will have long waits between producing hot water.

You will need to buy a tankless water heater that has enough GPM (gallons per minute) of hot water to meet your demands. To be sure, it is best to consult a professional water heater contractor and discuss your needs before you buy.

Space saving Tankless Water Heaters

Major Space Savings

A traditional storage tank takes up space even when it’s not being used. If you live in an apartment, dorm, or another small home, limited space could be a problem. Fortunately, on-demand tankless water heaters are a fraction of the size of normal storage tank water heaters, making them a great option for small spaces.

Out of the box, they are much smaller than traditional storage tanks which makes them ideal for tight quarters such as bathrooms or kitchens where it can be hard to fit even an extra toilet or sink. Plus, if you want hotter water than what a traditional tank-style heater can offer, then on-demand models are an excellent choice because of their high heating capacity.

With a variety of installation location options, such as wall-mounted under a kitchen sink, in a laundry room, in a bathroom, or outside, you will have a greater chance of saving space and tucking them away.

Frequently Asked Questions

Common Water Heater Service Questions We Hear

Are tankless water heaters budget-friendly?

Tankless water heaters are beneficial in that they save on energy expenses. If you’re on a budget, tankless water heaters are also affordable. Tankless water heaters offer lower operating costs because it does not need to keep running all the time like your typical tank-based system.

They are also more energy-efficient than traditional tank-based due to its ability to quickly recover the initial supply of hot water when needed for multiple showers in a row. This is because of its “on-demand” nature that provides hot water instantaneously without the need for storage of hot water in a tank before use.

While their upfront costs may be more expensive than a traditional water heater, they use less energy and can easily last well over 15-20 years, saving consumers on their energy expenses – saving more money in the long run.

Do you install water heaters for businesses as well?

There are some major positives and downfalls associated with both. One great thing about tankless water heaters is that they don’t use up a lot of energy, saving you quite a bit of money on your monthly energy bill. They also produce less waste than tank models, making them more efficient with both energy usage and water usage. While you may have less contractors who know how to install them correctly, we can help! Also, tankless water heaters have higher upfront costs and only save you money through energy savings added up over their lifetime.

Tank water heaters, on the other hand,  are generally easier to find technicians for when something goes wrong. While they will cost you more every month in energy expenses, they are generally cheaper upfront for both the cost of the unit and the installation. Also, if you have limited space, you may want to consider a tankless water heater replacement instead.




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