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Has your water heater stopped working properly? Or maybe you have a new business or new dream home in Kingsport that you need hot water set up fast. If any of these sound like you, then you’ve come to the right place!

We’re the best company in Kingsport for installing new water heaters. Don’t take a chance on hiring a non-licensed worker to install your new unit (or worse, attempt to DIY), call us today to help you out! We offer residential and commercial service to all of Tri-Cities with no job too big or small – we’ll get you up an running smoothly again while also making sure your setup is long lasting to avoid unnecessary maintenance down the road.

We bring years of experience to every plumbing request we get. Our team of plumbing technicians has helped countless homeowners and businesses throughout the Tri-Cities area over the past decade, from Bloomingdale to Elizabethton to Bristol to right here in Kingsport. Call today for a complimentary consultation and price estimate.

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When you work with us, you are not only getting professional-grade plumbing services, you are also helping support local business and boost our economy here in East Tennessee.

We strive to build a reputation of transparent pricing, fast service, and no cut corners. After hiring us, you will quickly notice why we are consistently trusted by our previous customers to provide ongoing water heater and plumbing services.

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Water heater installation is critical and should be done properly from the get go. Whether you’re installing your water heater in your home or business, it’s important to know that the work is done by professionals. That’s where we come in.

Whether you need us to install a new water heater which has just been purchased and sitting at home, or to replace an old, inefficient one with a more efficient unit, we will do the job properly and professionally every time. Our technicians have all of the necessary tools to complete this task quickly and efficiently so that your life can get back to normal again as soon as possible.

Improper water heater installation is hazardous – from leaks caused by frozen pipes which cause structural damage if they burst, to gas leaks, to potential electric shock. Our technicians are equipped with the proper training and tools needed to effectively complete the job quickly and efficiently, as well as properly dispose of your old water heater in a manner that meets or exceeds all environmental standards set by the state of Tennessee.

Contact us today to help you determine what type of water heater is right for your needs and budget.

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Gas Water Heater Installation

Gas Water Heater Installation

Gas water heaters are typically fueled by natural gas, propane, or LPG. Gas water heaters can easily be identified by the two-pipe linkage, one pipe delivering gas to the heater and the other carrying hot water away.

Gas water heaters are generally installed in one of two ways. Most gas water heaters are mounted on the wall, with an access panel to make adjustments or perform repairs. These heater can be vented either horizontally through a side wall, or vertically up through the roof. The other installation method is floor standing gas-fired water heaters that run off LP or natural gas.

Also, they should be anchored to the floor for safety purposes, which makes them perfect for locations where there’s corrosion issues near the heater.

With both horizontal and vertical venting options available, it’s up to you to decide what works best for your location!

Although vertical venting is generally installed with forced air ventilation to protect against carbon monoxide poisoning, it’s still possible to improperly install this type of installation by exhausting back into the crawlspace or attic through an unprotected opening.

Gas water heater benefits

  • Lower energy costs compared to electric units
  • Fast water heating times
  • Will still work during power outages

Some things to consider

  • Not all homes have gas lines
  • Higher installation costs
  • Requires ventilation systems
Electric Water Heaters in Kingsport, TN

Electric Water Heater Installation

An electric water heater is a device that heats potable water for residential and commercial uses. Most electric water heaters are designed to hold the water in an insulated heating element or coil that must be immersed in the cold tap water to activate the unit.

There are two types of electric water heaters. The first is the standard-sized storage type which can deliver hot water to all fixtures at once. The second is a demand flow unit designed for use in only one general location such as a sink, bathtub or washer machine. Demand units have an immersion heater that activates only when the user turns on the hot faucet. Electric water heaters are made to replace gas models easily by hooking up directly to existing gas lines without modifying the fuel source or electrical power.

The pros of installing an electric water heater include:

  • Efficient water heating
  • Clean operation
  • Lower purchase price
  • Easier hook-up since most homes and businesses have electricity

On the other hand, the cons of installing an electric unit are:

  • Higher operating costs
  • Longer recovery times
  • Slower to heat water compared to gas units
  • Failure to operate in case of power outages

Our water heating company pulls all necessary permits to ensure the safe installation of your electric water heater. During the installation, we check the quality of all important components, such as the drip pan, ball valve, and wirings, ensuring that all of them are in order. Warranties are also available and included, depending on the size (and make and model) of your chosen unit.

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Commercial Water Heater Installation Kingsport, TN

Commercial Water Heater Installation

Commercial water heaters are a an investment that you want to protect. It’s important to protect that investment with proper installation and a good warranty. When you work with our Kingsport Water Heater Pros, we guarantee that the job will be done right on your first try!

After we correctly gauge your estimate hot water usage, asses the location your new unit(s) will be, and purchasing the correct water heater or combination of water heating systems, we can begin the installation process. It is not uncommon for additional plumbing fixtures, recirculation pumps, and pipe insulations to be custom added as well.

If we are installing gas-powered water heaters, the next step will be installing gas connections, which involves locating the gas meter and ensuring that it is in the proper position before fitting piping into it. The final step is selecting an appropriate foundation then determining depth (sometimes below ground level) for installation.

After the installation, we will leave you with an ongoing maintenance plan to keep your new water heating units operating efficiently for the entirety of their expected lifespan. By having your water heaters or commercial boilers professionally installed, you will protect yourself to claim any necessary warranties in the future.

Tankless Water Heater Installation in Kingsport, TN

Tankless Water Heater Installation

Tankless water heaters, also known as instant water heating devices, are a type of on demand hot water heater that heats the water only when the tap is open. When you use a tankless water heater, you will get hot water quickly and without waiting for it to heat up.

There are two types of tankless water heaters: gas-powered and electric-powered. Gas-powered tankless water heaters can be connected to your central heating system whereas electric powered tankless water heaters need to be plugged in separately.

The advantages of owning a tankless water heater include instant hot water (unlike with conventional storage tanks), space savings, and lower electricity bills as well. This is because they only heat up when needed, instead of using energy to maintain an entire supply of heated water. In addition, tankless technology helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions by not burning fuel or operating all day like traditional storage tanks do.

During the installation process, we will take care of plumbing, venting, electrical connections, mounting, insulation and final inspection. Total time for installation normally range from 2-8 hours depending on the size of the unit, location, number of tankless units, and if a gas line and meter needs to be installed. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Common Water Heater Service Questions We Hear

How much does a water heater installation cost?

While a water heater installation costs a few hundred dollars, that cost can vary by a wide margin. Factors that affect water heater installation costs include tank size, different installation options (such as whether the existing flue pipe is adequate), and geographic location. The average cost of a water heater installation here in Kingsport, Tennessee ranges between $300-$800.

A new installation will include removing the old unit, flue piping if necessary or required by code, installing the new one and connecting it to existing plumbing fixtures. A basic installation in Kingsport will cost about $600 while more complex jobs that includes all bells and whistles can reach into the thousands. As water heater specialists, we offer free in-home water heater consultations in Kingsport, TN and surrounding areas. We also will recommend the best options for your home or business based on your unique needs. This consultation is free of charge.

Do you install water heaters for businesses as well?

Yes, we install water heaters for businesses as well! This includes adding the necessary power vents, recirculation pumps and other custom tailored solutions to ensure your business meets the size requirements.

We bring decades of experience to the table, having helped businesses just like yours all around Tri-Cities get the hot water they need.

Our plumbers will arrive at your place of business and tell you exactly how much it costs to get hot water installed. There are a few other fees that may be involved, such as city permits or other add-ons (more on that later), but we provide a flat fee for labor and parts. This means you do not have to worry about having hundreds of dollars extra laying around if the bill ends up being significantly higher than expected.




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